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Inflight Services

Radio Communications

Flight Service frequencies are found on Sectional Aeronautical Charts and in the Airport/Facility Directory. Here are some recommended procedures for establishing communications with Flight Services:

  • Select the proper frequency for the service desired. Flight Services has several frequencies available for routine communications.
  • Monitor the frequency before transmitting.
  • On initial contact, use the complete aircraft identification.
  • Advise the FSS Specialist of the frequency and location you are calling from.
  • Do not transmit your message/request until you have established two-way communication.

In general, any service a pilot might conduct on a telephone can be done on a radio frequency.

In addition to weather briefings, pilots can:

  • File, activate, close, or change a flight plan.
  • Request an IFR clearance for areas outside ATCT/ARTCC areas of control communication.
  • File position reports.
  • Pass pilot weather reports.
  • Request information on the status of Special Use Airspace.
  • Request assistance in any inflight EMERGENCY situation.

Flight Services is responsible for numerous remote communication outlets. Many VOR sites with communication capabilities (some VOR sites have HIWAS information continuously broadcasted), and there are also communication outlets for clearance delivery available. It is helpful to us if you give your complete aircraft identification, location and frequency on initial contact. This will ensure that the quickest response will be available.