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Updated 14 March 2014

Welcome to Lockheed Martin Flight Services. We hope the information provided here helps you more easily access our services.

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AFSS Call Tree "Quick Steps"

When calling Lockheed Martin Flight Services, you can use the following "quick steps" to navigate through the LMFS Call Tree, in place of voice recognition.

For the WX-BRIEF line (800-992-7433)

Press 1 to speak to a Briefer, and enter the two digit postal State Code on your telephone keypad (see table, below).

Press 3 to listen to TIBS, enter in the two digit postal State Code on your telephone keypad (see table, below).

Press 5 to hear Special Announcements.

For the TIBS only line, call 877-484-2799

If prompted, enter the two-digit State Code on your telephone keypad. Remember, if there is a third digit connected to the State Code that you wish to use, wait for the prompt before entering the third digit or you will receive an error message. When requesting information and using the State Codes, please note that six states—California, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New York and Texas—are split into "North" and "South."

Pilots who wish to file an international flight plan or receive a weather briefing should contact Miami Flight Services at 1-800-432-4716 (within the continental U.S.) or 305- 233-2600 (for international services locally or from outside the U.S.)

Abbr. 2-Digit
Alabama AL 25 2
Alaska AK 25 1
Arizona AZ 29  
Arkansas AR 27  
California, North CA 22 1
California, South CA 22 2
Colorado CO 26  
Connecticut CT 28  
Delaware DE 33  
Dist. of Columbia DC 32  
Florida, North FL 35 1
Florida, South FL 35 2
Georgia GA 42 1
Hawaii HI 44  
Idaho ID 43  
Illinois, North IL 45 1
Illinois, South IL 45 2
Indiana IN 46  
Iowa IA 42 2
Kansas KS 57  
Kentucky KY 59  
Louisiana LA 52  
Maine ME 63 1
Maryland MD 63 2
Massachusetts MA 62 1
Michigan MI 64 1
Minnesota MN 66 1
Mississippi MS 67 1
Missouri MO 66 2
Montana MT 68 1
Abbr. 2-Digit
Nebraska NE 63 3
Nevada, North NV 68 2
Nevada, South NV 68 3
New Hampshire NH 64 2
New Jersey NJ 65 1
New Mexico NM 66 3
New York, East NY 69 1
New York, West NY 69 2
North Carolina NC 62 2
North Dakota ND 63 4
Ohio OH 64 3
Oklahoma OK 65 2
Oregon OR 67 2
Pennsylvania PA 72 1
Puerto Rico PR 77  
Rhode Island RI 74  
South Carolina SC 72 2
South Dakota SD 73  
Tennessee TN 86  
Texas, East TX 89 1
Texas, West TX 89 2
Utah UT 88 1
Vermont VT 88 2
Virgin Islands VI 84  
Virginia VA 82  
Washington WA 92  
West Virginia WV 98  
Wisconsin WI 94  
Wyoming WY 99  
We continually evaluate our services to ensure that we provide accurate, up-to-date and timely information to our customers. We remain committed to the highest level of service to the FAA and to the pilot community.
Call for a weather briefing or file your flight plan with Flight Service well in advance of your scheduled departure. If your schedule permits, you may wish to call before or after our peak demand times of 06:00-10:00.
(Example: If you plan to depart at 07:00 local time, we encourage you to file your flight plan the night before).
The following is a list of telephone numbers that will enable our users to access Flight Service more efficiently:
Pilots (Domestic Flights)
Weather Briefings            1-800-992-7433 (1-800-WX-BRIEF)
Clearance Delivery:         1-888-766-8267
TIBS:                              1-877-484-2799 (1-877-4-TIBS-WX)
Flight Restricted Zone     1-866-225-7410
Pilots (International or “Cross-Border” Flights)
Point of Origin within U.S. (Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the CONUS)
1-800-432-4716 (Toll-Free)
Point of Origin from outside Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the Continental United States (CONUS): i.e., from the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Mexico and so forth. We recommend pilots call the number for the Flight Plan Area (FPA) closest to your point of entry (Caller Paid).
Albuquerque FPA

Fort Worth FPA

Honolulu 1-808-833-8440
Great Lakes FPA  1-517-321-5957
Miami FPA  1-305-233-2600
Princeton FPA  1-763-389-5880
Prescott FPA 1-928-778-0314
Seattle FPA  1-206-767-2726
Washington FPA 1-716-631-2285
Contract Weather Observers (CWO)
                  1-800-722-6209 or 1-800-231-3816
NOTAMS Authorities (Issuers only):      
                  1-877-487-6867 (1-877-4-US-NTMS )

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